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Commercial Banking

Arising from an investment banking success story, Cedrus Bank thrived to implement the same strategy as Cedrus Invest Bank in commercial lending.

Cedrus Bank’s main objective is to satisfy and maintain long-term relationships with carefully selected and like-minded commercial customers, by offering them innovative banking solutions, coupled with supreme services. The focus of the Bank is to enhance and augment the operations of startups, as well as support existent businesses in all fields such as trade, industry, real estate development, agriculture, services and tourism.


The Commercial Banking division is powered by a highly professional, experienced and dedicated commercial team, delivering thoroughly crafted efficient services and unmatched products, in a timely manner. Relationship Managers are specialized in identifying the needs of prospective clients, offering unparalleled advisory and guidance, and subsequently designing proper lines of credit that suit their needs.


Our portfolio covers two main categories:

  • Corporate banking
  • Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs)


Commercial Facilities

The suite of commercial facilities available includes:


  • Overdraft Facilities

    To finance the working capital and the business’ operating expenses.


  • Short, Medium and Long-term Loans

    To finance specific capital expenditure and real estate business development.


  • Goods Financing Facilities

    Offered either totally or partially for the purchasing of goods or raw materials and provide support to the business’ receivables.


  • Letters of Credit

    Covers the import and export activities of a firm, at sight (within 5 to 10 days) or deferred payments, with the possibility of covering invoices post-financing, based on the activity.


  • Bank Guarantees & Bonds

    Encompasses the issuance of a variety of bonds such as: bids, performance, payments, advance payments, etc.


  • Discounted Bills

    To provide liquidity to the clients based on their receivables.


  • Foreign Exchange Facilities

    Offers timely, as well as forward or future foreign exchange transactions.


  • Subsidized Loans

    Granted in collaboration with the circulars issued by the Central Bank of Lebanon, and offered in four main sectors: Industry, agriculture, tourism and new technologies.


  • Incentive Loans

    To finance the acquiring of commercial business premises and the purchase of several fixed assets necessary for the business activity, in collaboration with the Central Bank of Lebanon, with an acceptable debit interest rate.


  • Energy and Green Loans

    To finance different kinds of projects involved in the ecological enhancement and sustainable energy.


  • Media Subsidized Loan

    To finance media production in collaboration with the Central Bank of Lebanon.


  • Project Financing

    To finance the execution of different projects in various fields, such as: Real estate, construction, hospitality, tourism, industry, trade and others.


  • Kafalat Loans

    All Kafalat programs are offered by the bank. These includes: Basic, Plus, Innovative, Startup, Agriculture and energy. These programs provide the opportunity of affordable financing to the initiation of new projects of the expansion of existing business in different suitable economic sectors.